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     When music is played, the body, mind and spirit feels and responds and that is especially true for babies, toddlers and children! One of the best things to see at our Edgemont Summer Concert Series was the little children who would feel the music and get up to dance and move without caring who sees them. These little performers are feeling the music in a very visceral way and music will affect them throughout their lives.

     Starting off with simple rhythms, rhymes and content, early childhood songs are an essential teaching tool! Simple beats sound like Mommy's heart beat and they can relax as lullabies are sung. As more complicated and syncopated music is played, early math is formed as your child works on moving their body to match the beats to a song. All of a sudden the child is using their body to express their emotions to the song and they figure out the power of their bodies to replicate and tell a story! Songs help to categorize (think 'Old MacDonald') and explain familial ties (eg. "I Love Mommy and My Daddy Too") and even society at large ("Say Please and Thank you" - Charlotte Diamond).

So, get up and dance with your child and let the music flow!