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About Us



     We are a cosy little neighbourhood toy store in beautiful Edgemont Village! BC Playthings is a a team of courageous "Play Specialists!"  We are united by our connection to, and our collaboration with our customers, their families, our community, and the various professionals who work with children. Through this collaboration,  BC Playthings continues to grow in our knowledge, offering curated items and services for our whole community.  Through our mutual wonderment and play, BC Playthings is constantly learning, adapting, and becoming our "true" selves. By showing our fierceness, others want to join in the fun.  Childhood, adulthood and elderhood, should always be explored with an honest, fun loving curiosity, and we can hold hands and do it together!  Come in and see why BC Playthings has, is, and will always be your neighbourhood toy store!

     BC Playthings cares about our growing community and because of that, we look for specialized toys for therapists, parents, and educators all the time. We love to work with specialists to expand on our selections to ensure your play space is current, fun and creative!

Play based education!

     Children who think, play and interact in their own unique way will find our store a place of acceptance and wonder. At BC Playthings we strive to make all of our community heard and supported through the many wonderful sensory toys and tool options!

Come in and Play!



Meet Our Community:  Our neighbours

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