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Down by the Meadow - Small World Play

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 Small World Play - Down by the Meadow is a whole world of open ended play in a box! This colourful set contains selected parts from Grimm's range of playsets.

Featuring wooden beads & buttons for threading, small flower with a large hole for balancing games, a little house to build or stack with, and more!

What‘s can you do with this set? Build worlds, or stack blocks to build towers - act out stories - make faces and figures - integrate natural treasures - construct marble runs - decorate seasonal tables - thread beads - and anything else your imagination leads you to.

 Grimm's invites everyone to experience a connection with nature - whet your appetite for nature-based play.

Explore the outdoor world with this set, or take found objects from outside and integrate them into play.

Nature is a magnificent playground and offers wonderful play material!

This set contains a 5-piece cottage (H= 18 cm), 2 friends, 4 buttons, 1 flower, 4 beads, 1 string, 2 plates and 1 felt mat.

For 3 yrs +