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Blue Tiger Arm Band Tactile

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Does your child crave tactile input? Do they take to chewing or grinding when faced with stress? – The Tactile Tiger Arm Band may work for them. It is carefully constructed with an FDA approved material deemed safe for oral use. There is a raised tiger on the top of the band which provides a tactile surface for children – which can help to calm or be used by the child to self-regulate. The Tactile Tiger Armband can be a tool to keep your child calm and able to concentrate during class or at home. It is not intrusive or noisy, so it is great for use in any situation where your child needs to calm his/herself, including dinner time, therapy sessions or commutes.

The material, colour, and flavor are all BP, latex and Phthalate free (FDA approved materials)

Dishwasher safe – place on top rack.

For ages 3 and up.