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Amber & Sapphire - Disney Lorcana TCG: Rise of the Floodborn Starter Deck

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Rise of the Floodborn - Disney Lorcana TCG Starter Deck, Amethyst & Steel, from Ravensburger.

This Disney Lorcana starter deck includes everything you need to start playing, though each player needs their own deck. Through playing with these decks, you'll get a taste of the rich tapestry and varied characters of Disney’s Lorcana story.

For Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn there are two starter decks available.

In this starter deck, you have magical Amber glimmers, which are patient, purposeful and determined, like Snow White’s Seven miner Dwarfs Then, there are the powerful Sapphire glimmers like Gaston – Intellectual Powerhouse and Judy Hopps – Optimistic Officer. These glimmers help with strategy and planning ahead

Together, they create formidable partnerships!

Each player needs a Disney Lorcana deck of at least 60 cards to play.

For 8 yrs +