About Us



We are a cosy little neighbourhood Toy Store in beautiful Edgemont Village! At BC Playthings, we focus on curated, educational and community minded products and services.  When you come in and visit our store, you will be entering a playful, creative and unique environment for all ages. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a new baby, or something for a classroom setting, we at BC Playthings have something for every child. Puzzles for toddlers to Seniors for brain exercises, games for strategic thinking and co-operative play, puppets and stuffies for imaginative play, doll houses and silks for pretend play, art supplies for creative play, Kendamas and balance bikes for co-ordination and fine and gross motor skills, and the list goes on!

BC Playthings cares about our growing community and because of that, we look for specialized toys for therapists, parents, and educators all the time. We love to work with specialists to expand on our selections to ensure your play space is current, fun and creative!

Play based education

Children who think, play and interact in their own unique way will find our store a place of acceptance and wonder. At BC Playthings we strive to make all of our community heard and supported and through wonderful sensory toys and tools, we offer many options!

Come in and Play!