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Scorpions, Spiders & Bugs Set #1- The Nature Collections -

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GEOWorld - The Nature Collections - Scorpions, Spiders & Bugs Set #1

Note: This item is not a toy.

This is an exclusive set from GEOWorld and Safari Ltd - showcasing 12 actual specimens of insects, spiders, scorpions and other bugs. Each specimen is encased in a clear cube for easy and convenient examination. This set is ideal for collectors, enthusiasts, and (STEM) educators. 

The box (10.5" x 13.5" x 1.75") for this set has magnetic closures and a book-like covering. Inside, there are 12 specimens; spider (Araneus sp.), beetles (Calosoma, Dicronocephalus sp., Dorcus sp., Protateia, Trigonophorus sp.), scorpions (Heterometrus sp., Mesobuthus), and other insects (Lethocerus, Lycorma, Oxya, Pyrops), as well as a booklet detailing them.

The specimen size varies, with (2) larger specimens encased in resin 3.5" tall and the (10) smaller specimens are encased in resin 2.5" tall.

None of the specimens sold by GEOWORLD are among the protected species listed in the Washington Convention.

If you are wanting to look at this item in-store, please ask at the front counter.