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Rubik's Race

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Shift it, Slide it, Solve it. A fast-paced game that will get your brain and fingers racing. Go head-to-head with your opponent to match the pattern of nine colored squares. Sounds easy? Can you handle the pressure of Rubik's Race. Mix it up-other ways: Cube Challenge - Try replacing the Scrambler with a Rubik's cube showing a random arrangement of colours. Each player must copy the pattern on the side facing him or her. Relay Race: Using all 24 tiles, start with a random arrangement and race your way through these four patterns in sequence. Three Colour Contest:  Trade tiles with your opponent so you each have eight tiles of three colours and race to create these patterns. Reinvent Rubik's Race: There's no need to stop here. Use your imagination to create different patterns and make up your own rules so you can play a personal version of Rubik's Race...

Contents: Game base with hinged frame, 48 tiles in 6 different colours, scrambler dice shaker with 9 coloured cubes.

Ages 5+.

For 2 Players.