Pretend Play

     Whether your child is pretending to be a fairy or a super hero, they are testing out what their world view could be! Little dolls, fairy wings, capes and hats allow a very simple item to change a child’s perspective. At BC Playthings, we have a large variety of items that allow your child’s imagination to develop! Many a child tries out different roles they witness in their world whether it is the role of 'Mommy or Daddy,' 'Doctor or Wizard.' Having a few items in a 'Tickle Trunk' for a child to explore is a mainstay!  Remember the time when a simple piece of silk floated like liquid feathers while you raced around the yard – all while bubbles were blown by a grandparent? See magic happen for the whole family with the change of a hat, the addition of a dress or a magic wand!     

     We have Great Pretenders colour-a-cape, or apron! Sparkly necklaces and jewels and kits can be used to explore your child’s world and their many places in it! BC Playthings encourages your family to explore their 'inner super hero' or 'inner princess', to spark childrens' creativity and imagination through pretend play!