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Make 'n' Break Junior

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On your blocks, get set, go! n Make 'N' Break Junior, children try to be the first in recreating the structure shown on the building card in the middle, using their own set of building blocks. There are two different types of building cards for various skill levels: building cards with yellow edging show buildings consisting of 3 or 4 building blocks and building cards with red edging show buildings consisting of 5 or 6 building blocks. For every successfully completed building, players win a chip. Be the first to collect 10 chips and become 'Master Builder!' A game of positive social interaction for players of various ages, Make 'N' Break Junior provides an opportunity for children of various ages to interact with one another in a fun and challenging way that sharpens everyone's coordination, motor skills, communication and patience.

Contents: 27 wooden building blocks in 5 colors, 50 building cards printed on both sides, 48 chips, 1 card holder, 1 set of detailed instructions.

2-5 Players

Playing time: 15-20 minutes

Ages 5+