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Just One

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     Just One is a cooperative party game in which all players must work together to get the highest score. There is one ‘active’ player (who changes each round) who blindly picks a card and a number from 1-5 (Each card has five words on it) to determine which word on the card he or she will be guessing. Then, without consulting one another, the rest of the players write a single-word clue on their prism to help the ‘active’ player guess the secret word. Be creative, as any clues that appear more than once are immediately erased.

This wonderful game builds vocabulary, speech and language and promotes creative thinking. It is a fun, fast moving collaborative game which builds rapport and relationships and promotes positive interaction.

Recommended for 8yrs plus, (upper primary school children, teenagers, adults…) best suited to a group of 5 or more players.

Great for group gatherings, including camping trips.

Contains 110 Cards, 7 easels, 7 erasable felt markers, 1 rulebook