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Hypnogizmo Toy

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Marvel at the amazing hypnotic motion! Beads of silver and gold are all set onto their own string, each one criss-crossing like a wild, mathematical web between the two sides of the spool. Grab the knobs on either side and give the whole thing a slow and steady spin as it sits atop the included stand. Powered entirely by centrifugal force, the beads slide continuously from one end of the spool to the other and back, creating the mesmerizing illusion of arches "pouring" through mid-air. Witness the magic of math and physics in action! Great for desks, math classes, playrooms, calming spaces.

Hypnogizmo  Twirly Toy is an EYE-MAZING kinetic contraption. Give it a twist, and beads whirl across strings inside the toy, keeping your hands busy and your mind engaged with its eye-entrancing, brain-bending kinetic flow. Cascading colors delight all of your senses.  People with autism and anyone who is a visual sensory seeker will love this two-handed fidget.