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Grizzly Gears

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Grizzly Gears, from Smart Games, is a single player game. Rotate the tree figures to guide the characters through the forest...but beware the bear!

To set up the game, choose from one of the 80 (easy to expert) challenges and arrange the tree pieces and characters on the game board as shown on the challenge card.

Now you're ready to play, and the object of Grizzly Gears is to move each character to its destination, by rotating the tree pieces. Be cautious as only the little bear is allowed to be moved in front of mother bear!

The game is done when all the characters shown on the challenge card are in their final position at the same time. The shortest solution is shown at the end of the challenge booklet.

Game rules and challenge booklet included.

For 1 or more players, aged 7 yrs +