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French Black & White Bulldog

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Papo figurines are hand-painted and designed with the goal of offering children a formidable support for games and imaginative play. Doing justice to the posture, respecting the morphology, faithful reproduction of the principal characteristics of the animal – nothing is left to chance.

This little black & white French Bulldog with its muscular body, seems gentle and kind. Its ears perked, it waits for one single thing, for its owner to throw the ball!The French bulldog draws its origins in France. It has a powerful body, a large & square head and its skin forms wrinkles, almost symmetrical. Its nose is short, its eyes are well rounded, and its lower jaw juts out slightly.

The different colour varieties of the French bulldog may be black & white, gray & white, light brown & white, or sometimes completely white. The French bulldog is a joyous companion, and it’s always ready to play with the kids.

For 3 yrs +