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Charolais Calf

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Spend the day at the farm with the Charolais calf figurine from Papo. It will delight young & old with its realism and high level of detail.

Papo figurines are hand-painted and designed with the goal of offering children a formidable support for games and imaginative play. Doing justice to the posture, respecting the morphology, faithful reproduction of the principal characteristics of the animal – nothing is left to chance.

The little Charolais calf has only one single thought – find its mama, who has moved a short ways away. So hungry, the calf spots its mama alongside other white cows grazing on the fresh grass. It still needs mama’s good milk to grow up in good health and gain weight, until it is weaned, at around 7 months. The calf resembles its mama with her white fur, characteristic of the Charolais cow.

Product dimensions: 8 x 4 x 6 cm

Age: 3 yrs. +