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Action Tunnel Station

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Part of the Smart Tech series from Brio, this set can be used with the Record & Play Engine (not included). The Station Action Tunnel instructs the train to slow down to a complete stop, flash its lights to signal that it’s arrived and play a station sound to create a playful ambience. Once the train has halted, you can help the passenger onboard the Travel Wagon and begin your travels. You can customise the Station by using the Smart Tech Sound app. Make your station sound like a recognisable station from around the world – such as Berlin, London or Paris - or Granville Skytrain station.

This set can be used with any Brio train or vehicle and connects to your wooden track layout via both the front and back connections. Brio recommends the Train Service Station be used with the Record & Play Engine (not included - sold separately) to add more action & to have the full sound experience.

For 3 yrs +