Chewable Armband Yelllow

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We all fidget, whether you are a child or an adult.  However, if you have a need to chew, taste and touch, BC Playthings has just the right item -- the yellow chewable armband    Just the perfect combination of cool bracelet, chew item with textured ridges for tactile stimulation The Yellow  Senso Band from Sensory University fits on a child's wrist and so it is small, easy to use and washable.  So how do they work you ask?   Well, ask your OT for directions as these are tools they often suggest.  However, in a classroom setting, the child can quietly lick, chew, sniff or rub the Senso Band to ease anxiety or to reduce the need to chew on items that are not suitable.   Please always have an adult present when using this tool as it is possible for extreme chewers to bite off a chunk large enough to get stuck the windpipe and always do a check of the Senso Band in case there are any broken bits.  Disinfect with a simple dishwash, hot water, scrub.  At BC Playthings, we have a variety of tastes, colours and smells in the Sensory University line so bring your little buddy in and let them choose their own to ensure an even better success!