Sorting Boxes for Beads

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Use these handcrafted boxes for sorting coloured beads, pencils, or toys in the classroom or playroom!   Made from renewable wood from Europe and hand-dipped in rainbow colours, these boxes are another heirloom product from Grimm's!

Perfect tool for loose parts play! Ideal storage for the Colourful Year Chain 03020, this Sorting Helper can also be used to sort and keep all the coloured wooden beads from Grimms standard offering. Children love sorting the beads. And if things somehow get out of order, they usually also love to put things back in order again.

Great also for holding pencils, pens, scissors, etc.

INCLUDES: 12 boxes on wooden frame.

Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water-based colour stain/non-toxic plant-based oil finish.

Frame size 31,5x24,5cm, Individual box size8x8cm.

NOTE: If you clean Grimms wood products, only use a damp cloth. Please do not submerge in water and do not use disinfectant or hot water.