Rubik's Race

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Shift it, Slide it, Solve it. A fast-paced game that will get your brain and fingers racing. Go head-to-head with your opponent to match the pattern of nine colored squares. Sounds easy? Can you handle the pressure of Rubik's Race. Mix it up-other ways: Cube Challenge - Try replacing the Scrambler with a Rubik's cube showing a random arrangement of colours. Each player must copy the pattern on the side facing him or her. Relay Race - Using all 24 tiles, start with a random arrangement and race your way through these four patterns in sequence. Three Colour Contest - Trade tiles with your opponent so you each have eight tiles of three colours and race to create these patterns. Reinvent Rubik's Race - There's no need to stop here. Use your imagination to create different patterns and make up your own rules so you can play your personal version of Rubik's Race.Relay Race and Three Color Contest.. Contents: Game base with hinged frame, 48 coloured tiles in 6 different colours, scrambler dice shaker with 9 coloured cubes. Ages 5+. For 2 Players.