Rubbabu 3 Small Stress Balls

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The Rubbabu Rubber Stress Ball 3 Pack includes three stress balls from the amazing Rubbabu series. They are made of natural rubber and foam, biodegradable, eco-friendly, and great to squeeze. These fun little balls fit perfectly in your hand, or tuck into a pocket for a later. Relieve some stress today, get some sensory stimulation with the Natural Rubber Stress Balls.

BC Playthings loves the Rubbabu products. They are all-natural, biodegradable, non toxic, and hand made. The simple shapes and bright colours are soft and safe for even the youngest children. Rubbabu are strong and durable, made from natural rubber foam from rubber tree sap, and covered with all-natural flock from Spain. They are dyed using natural vegetable dyes and are anti-microbial and dust repellent. The perfect little package for your perfect little explorer!