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We all love a good puzzle!  Whether it is a traditional puzzle or a mind bending 3D puzzle, we have them at BC Playthings!  We have carried Ravensburger puzzles for over 38 years and love their quality.  From the young to the old, these sturdy and beautiful puzzles are made to last and be put together many times.  What do puzzles do for the development of a child?  Well, they are quite a benefit to any playroom, classroom or clinic:

  • Puzzles can focus a child's attention span and can offer a quiet and slower paced playtime.

  • Puzzles help a child to figure out spatial concepts and forms that are very different from what they typically experience and hence work the brain in a different way by finding patterns and figuring them out.

  • Puzzles, once completed is the beginning of accomplishment!  A child can look and witness their first puzzle as complete and know that they did it!  A finished puzzle builds self esteem and teaches the child about their stamina to finish and what it feels like to be successful!