Panto-Mimo Body Sock - Blue

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These Panta Mimo Body Socks combines children's love of dressing up and hiding. Stimulate and develop your children's senses.

Young children can rely on their own senses and respond to the feel of using the Body Sock. Allowing children to play and move about freely encourages and challenges self-awareness and self-confidence, sense of balance, orientation skills, concentration and coordination.

Sensory processing and vestibular exploration is provided while having lots of fun! This body sock (also known as a happy sack) features a specially designed front closure, which allows for independent entry and exit.

Made from elastene, a wonderfully stretchy fabric that the user can climb into and then walk, run, jump, or crawl for sensory, deep pressure input. Alternatively for finding a quiet spot to be calm and feel secure. These Body socks are hook & loop free, so no scratchy feeling of unpleasant noises during use.

.  Available in red or blue

Ages 3+ years