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Do you remember playing with your dolls when you were a child?  I sure do and I still have a few a few of them to remind me of those quiet moments in my room making up stories, roleplaying situations that happened in my day and caring and soothing a little friend.  At night, I remember them doing that for me as the dark of night came and I needed to cuddle my dolls to lessen my anxious bedtime moments.  Both boys and girls can benefit from having a doll to be their little buddy, confidante, transitional object, roleplay partner and friend to take care of!  BC Playthings, we have listed just a few of the benefits to offering a doll into your home:

  • Role play for understanding life situations and family dynamics!
  • Fine motor skills while dressing your doll!
  • A special friend to confide in and play with throughout the day!