Dinosaur Set with Cave

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A cave was of interest to all dinosaurs. If the cave was big enough, it was a good place to hide from enemies. The predatory dinosaurs of course knew this and looked for prey there. A Quetzalcoatlus circled above the cave and waited for an incautious young animal that it could sweep down on. A Carnotosaurus would also wait for the right moment to strike. Set contains: dinosaur cave, quetzalcoatlus, carnotaurus, archaeopteryx, microraptor, agave, and baby quetzalcoatlus and T-Rex in eggs.

Exceptionally detailed figurines by Schleich.  Painted by hand with attention to detail makes each one unique and so realistic.  Schleich toys allow children to play and learn at the same time and  they encourage creativity and independence. Safe and durable Phthalate free, small parts /choking hazard /ages 3 and up