Clone Scout Walker™ – 20th Anniversary Edition

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Build a versatile set from the Battle of Kashyyyk in Star Wars: Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith. The droid armies of the Separatist regime have invaded Chewbaca's home world of Kashyyyk and the Clone Army of the Republic has come to defend the vulnerable planet. This set is centered around the AT-RT Clone Scout Walker; a maneuverable vehicle designed to support the Clone Army on the front lines of the Battle for Kashyyyk. Also included is a wookie defense point with Wookie Trooper, a Battle Droid, Dwarf Spider Droid and, of course, the specialty Clone Scout Trooper to pilot the Clone Scout Walker. Devise endless battle scenarios for these fundamental battle pieces or combine them with larger sets to create even more complex scenes and situations during the Defense of Kashyyyk!