​Pretend Play

2016 Apr 1st

Whether your child is pretending to be a Fairy or a Super hero, they are testing out what their worldview could be! Little dolls, fairy wings, capes and hats allow a very simple item to change a chi … read more

Art Supplies

2016 Apr 1st

Good quality art supplies and kits are a large part of our curated selection at BC Playthings! From our “Caran D’ache” water colour crayons and pencils to our “Children’s Choice” Tempera paint, to ou … read more

Manipulative Toys

2016 Apr 1st

“It is possible to treat learning disabilities by identifying and strengthening cognitive functions.” – Barbara Arrowsmith YoungBy "Manipulative," we do not mean your child trying to get later sleep s … read more

Construction Toys

2014 Feb 15th

Build, tear down, reconstruct, deconstruct – repeat! Building toys are a must for any child in any situation. Whether in a playroom, a beach, a classroom or backyard, quality construction toys a … read more