What are these things called Kendamas?

2016 Aug 11th

What are these things called Kendamas?Before I bought BC Playthings in 2014, my family was visiting Oahu and saw gaggles after gaggles of these kids with these weird looking yo-yos. After watching th … read more

Educational Supplies & Resources

2016 Aug 11th

So why should you choose BC Playthings to shop for Educational Tools and Supplies? At BC Playthings, we love children and we love Play and did I forget to mention, we appreciate and love all the … read more

Going Back To School

2016 Aug 11th

Ah yes, it is mid August (almost) and it is time to start getting our children, our lives, our homes, and our classrooms prepared for going back to school come September!  While we find new cloth … read more


2016 Apr 1st

‚ÄúPlay is more than the absence of work or the reward for work well done. It is not something that has to be earned. It is an opportunity to re-create and renew ourselves, and connect with others in … read more