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2016 Aug 11th

So why should you choose BC Playthings to shop for Educational Tools and Supplies?

At BC Playthings, we love children and we love Play and did I forget to mention, we appreciate and love all the teachers, therapists, counsellors and doctors who work with children to make their life safe, healthy and fun. As a parent, I have seen how hard teachers and trained professionals who work with children do their jobs. It requires a very specific type of individual to do what you do and I appreciatively and personally say “Thank you!”

To put BC Plaything’s “Thank you” in a way that is more poignant and useable, we offer a 10% discount to all childcare professionals and therapists regardless of whether they are buying for their children or their classroom. Why? BC Playthings, does this because often times you buy quality toys because you (as a child professional) know that you will fold them into your kits for teaching and helping other children! How can I get the discount? To get registered with BC Playthings to get your discount, please get set up at the “Customer Page” with your required information and then you are set! BC Playthings offers educators and therapists resources, links to rebates, special product offerings, and a special catalogue just for you!

When you are a teacher, therapists, counsellor, and you work with children, you need to have a healthy selection of tools. At BC Playthings, we have a curated catalogue of tools and toys for your students, clients, patients and children. BC Playthings is different than many toy stores because we have stayed away from buying toys that are licensed. Instead we offer time honoured, open-ended items that help develop social skills, co-ordination, motor skills, and brain development.

BC Playthings is catering to the education and child-centred medical and clinical public because we LOVE you guys! From the moment you choose to work, educate and help the children in our community, you commit to a better world. It may sound a wee bit cheesy, however, I fully believe this because without people who choose to work with children, we would not have well rounded, educated, creative children who become our world leaders and healers for the future.

At BC Playthings, we have put together a catalogue for Educators and Child –Based Therapists. Please use the catalogue as a suggestion of some of the offerings BC Playthings has! However, if you do not find some item, please email us and we will strive to find it for you.


Why does the type of furniture important for your classroom?

When a Learning Space is bright, clean and the Furniture is made from good quality materials, it becomes a welcoming place of wonder! Safe corners, easy to use and clean, and with simple lines, a child can enter and know that a caring classroom awaits them.

BC Playthings strives to find the quality children deserve throughout their education and Furniture is just as necessary as the books and learning tools.

BC Playthings has two lines of furniture to choose from: Stock and ERZI. Both are made of quality wood products with simple lines and perfect sizes to fit different learning spaces!

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Art Supplies

Exploring the senses and expanding creativity is just one of the many benefits to Art Supplies in the classroom! BC Playthings has been offering unique and traditional art supplies for years and will continue to do so for years to come. Tempera paint, school glue, sequins, paper with little hands and imaginations create universes of possibilities! Good quality Art Supplies from BC Playthings will enable your children, and students hours of brain developing options that you can enjoy as you witness their imaginations opening!

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From simple stacking, to sorting, to creative design, and building, Construction Toys are a mainstay in any leaning setting. With a few shapes, a child can create their own pretend landscape specific to their imagination.

Grimm’s Mandalas, Puzzles, Organizers and Toys offer open-ended toys and tools for all styles of learning. I have personally wanted (and secretly coveted) the “Lara” mandala for years because of its simplicity and possibilities and now I have found even more!

Made from renewable hardwood from Europe and coloured with natural hand-dipped dyes, Grimm’s products offer a very poignant moment of discovery. Tactile, exquisite and durable, these Grimm’s products just need a child’s imagination!

Montessori, Reggio and Waldorf teaching spaces would benefit from the simple lines and natural colours the Grimm’s sets offer. From the sorting cubes to sort art supplies or to sort natural felted balls, to the large blocks that can be used to build, sort, design, take apart and rebuild again, Grimm’s offers a wonderful line for any classroom.

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We have a big selection of puppets for your students and patients here at BC Playthings! We have chosen Folkmanis Puppets because of their superior quality and possible expressions. For years our family has collected a very large selection of Folkmanis Puppets and we LOVE each one! From little “Mini” finger puppets to the elaborate moving parts puppets, there is a great range in price and intricacy.

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