Art Supplies

2016 Apr 1st

Good quality art supplies and kits are a large part of our curated selection at BC Playthings! From our “Caran D’ache” water colour crayons and pencils to our “Children’s Choice” Tempera paint, to our beautiful Origami papers, we have a large selection of art supplies and kits for the whole family!

At BC Playthings, quality is an emphasis and our art supplies are wonderful and aid in developing minds! Finger paints are the beginning tool for our children and they allow for different sensory inputs for little hands and minds -- a whole universe happens when a little hand opens up after feeling and seeing the squishy, smooth and colourful finger paint. Use with finger paint paper or even in the tub! Crayola pens made for little hands help develop the tripod grasp as your child goes from simple sensory to more complex designs. Circles become their first design of the human form with eyes and lines for a face and arms and legs. Straight lines, diagonal lines and curved lines are the beginning of the printed word! What seems simple to us is their beautiful brains developing!

Assist your child by using quality supplies with great pigments and textures to form a lifelong passion for art! A child who learns to love art, practices a lifelong skill! Self-regulation and art are often talked about in our culture where we and our minds are racing. Art slows down our minds and allows a space where our children can learn how to find calm and beauty at their own hands!