Basketball Guys 24pcs Red vs White

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Get ready for tip-off! The Red team and White team are ready to dribble, pass and shoot for a high scoring fun filled game on a realistic basketball court. Each set comes with an over-sized basketball that fits on the shooter’s hand and into the hoops to make the game even more fun and imaginative.Each set includes:2 full basketball teams including 12 x 2″ players.1 referee, 1 basketball.23″x 15″ plastic mat that resembles the court.Instruction booklet with basic rules and strategy, 10″x 6″x 5″ stackable container with attached lid and handle.Used by coaches as a teaching aid.Fun cake topper and party centerpiece.Basketball Guys gives children time to be creative, engaging them in creative, open ended play.They are fun and educational when used as a visual teaching aid by coaches and parents. The entire set makes a great centerpiece for a basketball themed party or tailgate.The Guys make perfect cake or cupcake toppers.