18m+ Under the Sea 2 & 3pc Puzzles

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Very young children will love putting together these beautifully illustrated sea creatures. The box contains six puzzles, each with just 2 or 3 big chunky pieces, and as they are made with sturdy recycled card, the pieces are easy for lttle hands to cope with. The puzzles will help stimulate hand-eye co-ordination, and children will love the bright colours and cheerful creatures. There is a bright yellow and pink stripey fish, a sea turtle with a beautifully patterned shell, and a jolly pink starfish, each with just 2 pieces. Then there is an elegant sea horse, a cute crab, and a wobbly octopus, each with 3 pieces. The puzzles are suitable for children aged from just 18 months, and are a perfect introduction to jigsaws; initially you can give your child the pieces from one puzzle at a time to put together, but as they become more confident, they will learn to sort through the pieces to separate the different puzzles from one another.